Water Features Oakville

Water Features Oakville

A fountain at night in the middle of a yard as a water feature. Water Features Oakville​

There’s nothing more calming than the running water right outside your back door. Backyard waterfalls come in several shapes and sizes, making them an aesthetic and soothing focal point in your backyard.


Height is an important consideration when considering design options for a waterfall. The good thing about waterfalls is that each has its unique shape and size, creating a stress-free atmosphere. We use highly reputable suppliers that provide the most reliable products. Landscaping Oakville will work with you to create anything from a small waterless garden to a large pool pond for water features Oakville. 



It’s about escaping at home. Life with Ponds, Waterfalls, and Fountains lures you outside from the stress of everyday life and interacts with the landscape in different ways. Water features Oakville owners enjoy feeding colourful fish, watching birds splash over waterfalls, and listening to the tranquil sound of running water. Whether you’re familiar with the world of water features Oakville or new to the world, explore our wide range of products designed to build, enhance, and sustain a wide variety of water features, including ponds, waterfalls, and fountains. 


We provide quality services and water to create unique formal waterfalls, fountains, and garden pools that complement your home’s design and landscape design.

Water features can be complex and multidimensional to small and simple. We can incorporate water features into the design of inset pools for a natural oasis effect. We use large and small stones with plantings and vegetation to add texture and naturalness. 


A waterfall garden that combines the beauty of Garden ponds and fountains is a great source of visual and aural pleasure. The pond offers water, bird life, and quiet relaxation. Beauty aside, it’s the perfect addition to your current estate landscape. 


There are two main types of waterfalls. Pool waterfalls add beauty and elegance to your existing pool when combined with rock features and additional landscaping. Pool Waterfalls are the perfect addition to any pool landscaping design. When considering water features Oakville, you must also consider the role that your Pool Waterfall will play in your yard. 


Consider, checking out some options along with our experienced team to best inform the right choice for your yard. 

Water fall flowing into a pond in a backyard.
Backyard pond water fall with yellow flowers in the foreground

Pond Waterfalls

A waterfall in your garden will make your home unique and eye-catching for all. In addition to pool and pond waterfalls, there are two main types of outdoor waterfalls that you can build for your home. A formal waterfall resembles a staircase. Formal waterfalls have geometric lines and right angles. Formal waterfalls are often constructed of bricks, stone blocks, or poured concrete.  


Informal waterfalls are built and designed to look like natural waterfalls. Informal waterfalls take inspiration from waterfalls in nature. Rocks, boulders, driftwood, and gravel create informal waterfalls. When considering Water Features Oakville, you must think about the role that the waterfall will play in your overall landscape. 


Will the water feature Oakville become the focal point of your yard or will the water feature become a place for a mindful retreat. We will help you make the best decision for your project. 

A poorly constructed waterfall can be a disaster for the landscape and the homeowner. If the waterfall is too high, it will obscure the pond below. The height of waterfalls and fountains also affects water loss and noise. 


We are happy to discuss the many options and help you choose the best solution for you and your home. We guarantee your success in enjoying the water features. Contact us now for a free consultation in Oakville, Ontario.