Snow Removal Oakville

Snow Removal Oakville

Our team is amongst the best in the business for residential and commercial snow removal Oakville. We are the trusted world-class snow removal experts you can rely on for all residential and commercial snow removal in your business this winter!  We monitor all snow, ice, and drainage issues on our sidewalks. Our commitment to each of your sites is the same for all snow removal projects, regardless of the size or frequency of the work. Specializing in commercial real estate for snow removal operations, we have high-tech equipment for your snow removal needs. We use reliable snow plows to minimize breakdowns and downtime during severe snow storms that cause delays in servicing properties that you can lead.



Landscaping Oakville can handle commercial jobs promising fast and seamless snow removal in the winter and residential snow removal jobs on demand. Ontario has experienced some of the heaviest snowfall in its history, so it’s no surprise that proper snow clearing can be a matter of life and death. Residential snow removal is a considerable physical effort, particularly when you have a lot of areas to shovel.


Drink a hot chocolate instead of struggling out in the snow. Driveway snow removal Oakville is something we take very seriously since snow clearing helps to make getting out around your property safer and limits any potential damage snow can cause when not removed promptly. We perform ice removal services for both home and local businesses.


A snow plow removing snow in the street. Snow Removal Oakville

Snow removal Oakville begins with an initial evaluation. We visit your home to identify curbs, lawn features, and other obstructions hiding under snowfall. We remove snow from roadways and driveways and apply salt to mitigate any potentially dangerous ice spots that often show-up after snow removal. Our team can clear snow from sidewalks and also walkways around your home.


After a heavy snowfall, we remove snow from the roof to reduce the risk of structural damage due to weight.  In areas with a lot of precipitation, snow removal is usually done with a snow shovel (a large, lightweight shovel used to push or lift snow) or a snow shovel or sled shovel (with wide handles and designed for snow removal).


The traditional snow shovel can make light work of a small amount of snow which we can push to another location on a slippery surface without lifting it. Snow blower are also used around sidewalks.

Other tools include snow shovels and shovels with one or more wheels.


  • When we perform our snow removal we provide the following:  
  • Weather Monitoring: We constantly monitor weather data in your area to help you predict when snow removal service will be required.
  • Dedicated Staff: Our snow removal Oakville equipment is ready and waiting for your business. 
  • Monitoring Work: We take snow removal seriously. That’s why we use GPS to track all our equipment to ensure our work is on track.
  • Reliable snow removal and snow removal service
A snow shovel clearing snow

Besides standard shovels and plow trackers, we also use snow blowers. We use various snow throwers to get our jobs done. We use either step or two-step snow throwers. The single-stage snow blower draws snow into the machine and out of the discharge chute. We do not use single-stage snow blowers on unpaved surfaces.

In a two-stage snowblower, the paddle draws snow into the machine, feeds it through a high-speed impeller, and discharges it through a chute. Two-stage snow throwers generally handle deeper snow than single-stage snow throwers and can be used on unpaved roads because the blade does not touch the ground. We choose the best snow blower for the task at hand. 

Contact us to set up reliable snow removal Oakville for your home or business today in Oakville, Ontario!