6 Proactive commercial landscape services to prevent future problems

A lawn mower mowing a commercial landscape. Proactive Landscaping

Proactive Landscaping

  1. Aeration and Over-seeding

Think lawn aerators are a luxury item? 

Aeration is a commercial landscaping task. It uses a machine to pull tiny soil cores out of your lawn, allowing water and oxygen to reach the roots. Aeration allows the roots of your lawn to grow well and deep, creating a lush, healthy carpet of greenery.


Be proactive about the health of your lawn and include aeration in your contract so you don’t face the nasty surprise of having to do emergency mowing to replace dead lawns. Proactive Landscaping starts with seeding aeration. Make sure you consider both of these items as a starting point. 



  1. Tree pruning

It’s easy to overlook the branches – tall and out of sight, out of sight. Proactive Landscaping includes Tree Pruning. But neglected or dead branches have the potential to suddenly crash into the ground, potentially causing injury to people and damage to cars and property. Prune your trees so you won’t have to worry about paying the consequences of them falling.



  1. Lime treatment to balance the pH of the grass

Does the pH of your lawn matter? For proactive Landscaping, pH does matter.  In fact, yes. When pH is at the right level you grass will receive the correct nutrients. When the soil pH is too low, use lime. If you neglect your pH, your lawn need fertilizer. You may pay more in the long run to get your lawn back to its original shape. You proactively include lime treatment in your contract to avoid costly commercial landscaping issues. 



  1. Snow and ice management

Can’t get through the snow season without paying for ice management?

Of course, you can take risks. But if someone slips and falls on your property, it can have serious financial consequences. 

Weather can create all kinds of problems in the commercial landscape. 

We’re talking legal fees, medical bills, the ability to increase insurance rates, and workers’ compensation if an employee makes a mistake. Also, consider losing business if potential customers or tenants walk past you because your property is covered in snow or seems dangerously slippery.



  1. Maintenance of rainwater basins and water storage basins

Pools collect stormwater and runoff and release it slowly, at a pleasant, comfortable rate to prevent flooding or erosion. Erosion is something important to consider in proactive landscaping. Add water retention pond maintenance to your commercial landscaping service contract, and teams will mow the back of the pond to remove any trees that may be catching debris, impeding water flow. 


If the pond edge is eroded, the teams will backfill it with soil, plant grass seed, and cover it with a plastic anti-erosion net to protect the seeds from wind and water erosion. Regular lawn mowing means teams can tackle the job with standard lawn mowers. A proactive landscaping team will ensure that you lawn is mowed the optimal number of times in a year. If they only mow the lawn once a year, the bush requires heavy equipment – a more expensive undertaking.



  1. Avoid commercial landscape problems with proactive water management

If your property is soggy, wet, or moldy, some simple commercial drain solutions will fix the problem now, before they cost you money. Excess water can cause damage to your commercial property. If that sounds like significant commercial landscaping costs, you’re right. Too much water creates mold and causes cracks in the interior walls and exterior surfaces. Wet conditions can even encourage mosquitoes and rodents to breed. Excess water is also a safety issue. 


Avoid surprising landscaping costs with Landscaping Oakville Co. We take care of proactive landscaping for you. Be proactive, add a few services, and avoid the annoying costs of the commercial landscape.