Garden Services Oakville

A tree in autumn with leaves around the base of the tree in the garden. Garden Services Oakville

Lawn Maintenance

Landscaping Oakville works to provide the best garden services in Oakville, Ontario. A little TLC in spring prepares the garden services Oakville for the growing season. Spring clean-up is part of getting your yard ready for any new elements or growth and development of plants already on your property. 


With our professional equipment and expertise, we make light work of any spring project. We will have your garden ready for those warm days so you can host your guests throughout the summer. Our team takes lawn care very seriously by getting a jump start on your lawn in the spring so your yard can be ready for the summer. 


Aside from your lawn mowing, garden services Oakville, we also prune shrubs, remove any remaining leaves, and de-weed your lawn. Aside from lawn maintenance, our team also specializes in providing great backyard landscaping ideas along with landscape lighting to help rejuvenate your space. 


Weed Removal

The removal of weeds is an essential part of having a great-looking lawn and garden. We aerate your lawn in the Fall to ensure that we give your lawn the best chance to be weed-free in the summer months. In terms of your garden, we also edge garden beds and cultivate your gardens. Edging your lawn creates great lines, prevents plants from merging with your lawn, and also minimizes weed infestations. 


We believe in getting edging done early in the season to ensure that we set your lawn up for summer success making sure mulch or wood chips don’t make their way onto your lawn throughout the season. We also divide the cleanup into seasons to ensure your lawn is managed year-round. In the Fall, your yard requires care and maintenance in order to prepare your lawn and plants for the winter. 


We also take care of raking those Fall leaves to take a load off your plate so you can sit back and enjoy those great fall days of garden services Oakville. 

Daisies in a garden.
Leaves on the ground ready for clean up as part of a garden service

Yard Clean-up

We perform the following additional garden services Oakville: Remove debris (natural or otherwise) from grass and growing beds Flower bed preparation, plant removal, weed control, shrub cutting to get your backyard ready for the next season. We get rid of the trash by removing dead leaves and stems of perennials and houseplants that remain from the winter. 


For established perennial beds that worked well last season, We apply additional compost around the plants to fertilize them and make the soil more friable. Early spring is the time to set up trees and shrubs and plant borders. 


Our team will work with you to ensure that we are ready to work in the early spring. Our team finds it better to proactively remove weeds before they show up rather than waiting for them to rear their ugly heads. This proactive removal is part of our ongoing strategy to prepare your yard for the warmer months.

Pest Control

Our pest control team manages any offending species that attempt to reside on your property: animals, fungi, or plants that impact activity on your property. Pest control depends on how much damage has been done by the pests in question. Our strategies range from tolerance, deterrence, and management to finally removing the offending pests. We perform all pest control measures as part of an integrated pest management strategy. 



Our team works in homes and urban environments to rid your property of pests such as rodents, birds, insects, and other organisms that share our habitat. We take pest control very seriously and ensure that our professional team works with you to address your pest control needs and garden services Oakville. 



Weeds compete with your plants for nutrients, water, light, and space. Weed control is another type of pest management that seeks to stop or reduce the growth of weeds, especially harmful weeds, by reducing competition with desirable flora and fauna, including cultivated plants and livestock, and by preventing alien species in the natural environment. Contact us today to arrange a consultation on our next garden services Oakville project.

A housefly close up, a pest that could impact gardens