Landscaping in Oakville

A landscaped home with freshly mowed grass. Landscaping Oakville
Our company specializes in landscaping for homes in Oakville, Ontario. We know that completing landscaping services can be challenging. We offer customized and flexible services enabling you to contact us when ready so we can become your go to landscaping contractor in Oakville, Ontario. We are always open to new bookings and would love to chat with you over the phone or via our contact form as to how we can help you on your next landscaping job. Contact us to get your project started. We offer a wide array of top-notch services from: Landscape Design, Lawn Cutting, Landscape Lighting, Backyard landscaping, Lawn care, Hardscaping, and Water Features. When you think of landscaping near me, consider Landscaping Oakville for your next landscaping project.

Our Services

A worker mowing the lawn. Performing lawn care oakville

Lawn care Oakville

Why are lawn care services so important? Regular garden maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure your little piece of paradise at home is healthy and thriving. A beautiful and well-kept garden can help increase the appeal and value of your property. And a well-manicured garden creates space for the whole family. That means everyone can spend more time outdoors.

A home with a path around it and mowed grass showing excellent landscape design principles.

Landscape Design Oakville

A landscape is an outdoor floor plan for your yard. We can make changes to your outdoor floor plan that will improve the overall look of your property. Our team of landscape designers will increase your home value, have positive environmental impacts, reduce energy costs, and extend the square footage of your home to your outdoor space. We provide modern landscapes for you to enjoy. ​

A worker using a snow blower to remove snow

Snow Removal Oakville

Our team is amongst the best in the business for residential and commercial snow removal. We are the trusted world-class snow removal experts you can rely on for all residential and commercial snow removal in your business this winter! We use reliable equipment ensure we can handle all your snow removal needs. We provide ice removal services and snow removal to ensure you will be safe in the next snow storm. ​

Gardening around a bench in the backyard.

Garden Services Oakville

With our professional equipment and expertise, we make light work of any spring project. We will have your garden ready for those warm days so you can host your guests throughout the summer. Our team will provide lawn mowing, plant care and lawn maintenance. We provide backyard landscaping ideas to ensure you garden is ready for every season.

Hardscaping that was completed on a concrete walkway on a patio

Hardscaping Oakville

We provide a range of hardscaping services for your backyard and front yard landscaping projects. Our professional team will use the best stone and materials to get the job done right. We consider all aspects of the design to ensure that water absorption from heavy rains or snow will not damage your property once our work is complete. ​

Water feature in a backyard

Water Features Oakville

There's nothing more calming than the running water right outside your back door. We use highly reputable suppliers that provide the most reliable products. Our team will work with you to create anything from a small waterless garden to a large pool pond. We provide quality services to create unique formal waterfalls, fountains, and garden pools that complement their home's design and landscaping.

A swimming pool with landscaping completed around the pool

Pool Landscaping Oakville

Pool landscaping is part of the pool design process. Landscaping brings the entire pool area together and creates a gorgeous retreat in your backyard. Depending on the look and function you want, you want low-maintenance landscaping, lush gardens filled with colourful flowers, and extra privacy.

A groups of lights together.

Landscape Lighting Oakville

Landscaping for your business involves more than just lawns and garden beds. Lighting is an element that can transform your property. Outdoor lighting can dramatically improve your landscaping, making it look cleaner, cohesive, and inviting. Our team is here to help you realize your real estate potential. In addition to gardening and horticulture, we also offer outdoor lighting.

Natural brown stone close up that has been installed

Natural Stonework Oakville

We use natural stone to build driveways, garden ornaments, fire pits, walls, and more, providing a durable and effective way to enhance your property. We match the stone selection to the style of your house. We consider the colour of your yard when installing new stone and the colour of the brick on the exterior of your home.

“Not only did they deliver excellent work, but they also offered outstanding customer service. They showed great attention to detail, and delivered on everything that we had agreed to. They went above and beyond to ensure we got the yard we have always wanted. ”

Ted Miller